ShimmerWind is part of MDK 2.0 which introduced a completely new way of managing water surface features with breakthroughs in subpolygonal anisotropy.

We have had some exciting breakthroughs in ShimmerWind. We had to originally pull ShimmerWind out of MDK 1.0, but with MDK 2.0, it is back in full force with a whole new set of features. One of the major new features I will demonstrate soon is a physically animated wind gusts over water. This is done by simply manipulating a gizmo in the viewport as opposed to the traditional numbers approach found in previous MDK components.

Please note, these are alpha tests and do not represent the finished product. We will be implementing new features and polishing existing ones over the course of the month. Subscribe to my personal page or QuadSpinner’s official page on Facebook for daily updates and images that won’t make it to the blog.

And yes, the clouds are from the Helios Cumulus library. :)