GeoGlyph: KillSpike

I have a pretty decent volcano terrain created with a somewhat complex graph in World Machine. The graph and the resulting terrain output can be seen below.

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GeoGlyph: Fluvial

In World Machine, one of the key reasons people use multiple erosion devices is to create stronger vertical/flow lines. However, this presents a few problems:

First of all, the erosion device is a powerful mechanism for altering the terrain, and it will modify your terrain's shape...

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Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome

Some environments I was involved with for the Battlestar Galactica prequel. If you haven't seen it, you can watch it online on YouTube. Was pleasantly surprised to learn that some of QuadSpinner’s materials were being used even before I joined the project.

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Making of the Helios Volcano

This is an account from the beginning concept to the final compositing of the grand finale of the Helios preview video. This single scene became such a powerful example that the Helios software was rewritten to include a smoke plume cloud type.

This is the Helios “hero image”. Having a soft spot in my heart for volcanic things, a personal goal in building Helios was to have all sorts of clouds, not just those that float in the sky. In Vue, creating thunderheads has been just as hard as creating a realistic plume of smoke. Having seen various volcano “burps” - and with having QuadSpinner’s co-founder, Cynthia Najim, living right next door to the youngest and most active volcano in Central America - we had more than enough visual reference to take on this beast of a task.

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I am Thunderhead - Helios Teaser video

The teaser video for Helios, QuadSpinner's new cloud tech, was created literally in one night - including 2 complete renders and one mis-render. I have talked about dogfooding before. When you are constantly making products and techniques, dogfood (i.e., using your own product) is basically a constant part of your diet. But all of that is worth it when it tastes great!!

Dogfood does not always taste good and you are always a little concerned right before you test out something is not yet complete, but a couple of nights ago, my friend Marek Mihok and I got a pleasant surprise.

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Balancing the Master Class

How do you pick content to fit in 7 hours that you have experienced over the course of 15,000 hours?

That is the question I’ve been grappling with for the past few weeks since we announced the Master Class. The over...

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